ELEVATE Mentoring Group

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The ELEVATE Mentoring Group

For those ready to rise higher on their path to greater wealth and impact.

This group is for those who feel a “Call to Wealth”, a sense of purpose around the prosperity and influence they will create in their life. Individuals and couples who join are equipped in practical wealth building and investing strategies, encouraged to take their faith walk deeper, and naturally grow by being placed in a successful peer group that raises their vision and expectations.

If you’d like to accelerate your journey, please click here to apply.

Do You Want To Be Part Of Our Syndication Mentoring Group?

Wealth is a team sport.  We work together to help each other grow and build our businesses.  If you are looking for a group of focused, expert real estate syndicators, this group is for you.  Fill out the Form below and we will contact you shortly about our Syndication Mentoring Group.

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